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Housing Project Contest for Local Architecture First Prize-Yeniköy 2021, Perşembe

The amulet filling technique used throughout Ordu and in the district of Persembe is the keystone and heart of our concept, which we integrate into the structure as a technique and pattern without using foundation stones, and we use this technique on the neighborhood emblem and on the facades of other buildings.

On our terraces, which have an important place in Black Sea houses and overlooking the landscape, we used the traditional knitting system made of hazelnut beams, which we use in serenders, which is one of the most interesting building elements in Black Sea architecture, as blinds, and we completed our facades in this way.
In terms of setting an example for the neighborhood created, "YENIKOY" is formed by combining technology and today's techniques in harmony with traditional techniques. Yeniköy brings a new perspective to us by using old customs.

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