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Tower Proposal Project 2020, Ordu

The legend is becoming reality. The 4 streams of Ordu, which is the subject of folk songs, rise from the earth to the sky and flow upwards.
Each façade of the tower represents Akçaova, Civil, Melet and Turnasuyu streams flowing into the Blacksea. The streams flow upwards and converge at the top.
The top point where the streams converge refers to the confluence they made in the Black Sea. The 'pearl' on the top emphasizes that Ordu is the pearl of the Blacksea.
240 steel profiles consisting of 52 different layers which represents license plate number of the city make the tower reach a height of 25 meters.
The permeable structure of the form symbolizes the permeability of the water, and the organic form symbolizes the organic flow of streams on the earth until they spill into the sea.
Ps. This is a proposal project that City of Ordu needs as an iconic architectural work.

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