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Novoceiro 2021 A Coruna

The idea is rising from Galicia, Spain. El Horreo de Galicia is the beginning point of our Project. This significant and also attractive building is using by Galicians throughout the centuries in order to protect their foods. Those types of structures and techniques are used all over the Europe in the areas where similar climate conditions lay on. They are all same in terms of function and architecture but have different names. We transform this Cabaceiro in to new way of life to people who can live only by using this building features. Our “novoceiro” also stand on its own feet as a figuratively and functionally.

This living space is designed as a self-sufficient and sustainable space. It does not need an extra air conditioning device as it stands on pillars. Spirally (interlocking) designed louvers system has the potential to capture about 40% more solar energy with increased surface. In addition to this, as a result of recent researches the TENG system, which was created by combining solar energy and piezoelectric energy and other similar studies has the potential to convert raindrops into energy from the Galician region which receives a lot of rains.

This self-sufficient house provides not only energy, food and basic needs, but also provides all needs such as comfort, aesthetics, art and audio. As a contemporary-looking cabaceiro, it reinterprets with the technology and innovations required by our age, making reference to the building with historical and cultural ties.

It has potential to turn all natural phenomena into energy. This is the most important innovative character, and while doing so, it takes reference from its traditions. In addition, the circulation area surrounds the space, and thanks to this wrapping, the idea of combining the interior with the exterior with 4 different scenarios add innovation to the design. However, opening all the windows and louvers means that the interior is completely opened to the world. This refers to the fact that there is no limit in the interior, in fact, the whole world is ours. The aquaponics system used on the roof is an innovative farming and agricultural system.

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