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                                                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


      one.     What are ODA.projects and ODA.products?

          ODA Projects is an award-winning architecture, interior architecture, design and company that has grown and planted the seeds it gathered from many cities of the world in Ordu.              brand experience agency.

          ODA.products, on the other hand, aims to produce innovative, easy online shopping solutions that sell Home-Decoration products under the ODA.projects brand.             a dedicated, like-minded e-commerce  is the site.


      2nd.   I forgot my password, how can I change it?

          Please click on the "Forgot Password" link, you can change your password from the link sent to your e-mail.

       3.  In how many days will I receive my order?

          From the moment of purchase, your order will be prepared and shipped within 48 hours. Estimated preparation time is 1-5 business days.


       4. Can I change the order I placed?

          If the product you purchased is not delivered to the cargo, you can change your order. Contact us for more information                              You can contact us at


       5. I want to return the product I purchased, what can I do?

          You can return the product you purchased within 14 days by creating a return request, and 30 days for the products you want to change.                 You have the right to change.

          for this topic  Please contact us at


       6. Do you do gift wrapping?

          Yes, if you can add it to the special requests section when you come to the payment page, we can make gift packages according to your request.


       7.  Can I customize the product?

          Yes, you can customize the products in the maps section as you wish. To do this, click the "Customize Product" button on the product page.              It will suffice to write



  •       After checking the compliance of your product with the exchange conditions, the status of the exchange process will be sent to you by e-mail as soon as possible.


  •       Used, gelatinous/opened, broken, damaged and torn products cannot be exchanged or returned. you purchased             tags of the product are not removed and undamaged  aspect  a  You must send it as


  •      In order for your product(s) to be returned, it must comply with the return conditions. From the confirmation message sent to your e-mail       The fee will be refunded to you within 3-5 business days.

  •      After the product is checked, if it does not comply with the exchange / return conditions, the product will be shipped to you free of charge.


        8.What are the shipping charges?

         Shipping charges are 19.99 TL to all of Turkey. Shipping is free for orders over 350 TL.


        9.Is it safe to write down my credit card information?

          Yes, all necessary precautions have been taken for your shopping on the website of

          SSL security prevention services  Your personal information will be safe.


       10. The product I bought did not reach my address, what should I do?

          If you contact us regarding this matter, we will be happy to assist you. For more detailed information, please                       You can contact us at


        11. The product I purchased arrived damaged/damaged, what should I do?

          If the product you purchased reaches you in a damaged / damaged / torn condition in the cargo, a new product is sent to you.


       12.Can I track my order?


          Yes, you can easily track your cargo with the tracking code that we will send to your e-mail when we deliver your order to the cargo.



       13. With which cargo companies do you ship?


          Your orders will be sent with UPS Cargo.

       14. Where do you ship to?

          We have shipping to all of Turkey, we also have shipping to the whole world.

          For your overseas orders, please contact us at or call +90 452 666 1 222.                 contact.


       15. The product delivered to my address is not the same as the product I ordered, what should I do?


          If the product you purchased and the product delivered to your address are different, please contact us about the subject at the e-mail address                   contact. We will reach you as soon as possible.


        16. Do the posters I buy include frames?

          No, if you want the frame to be included in the products you buy, you can choose the frame color and size before you place your order.                 you must choose. Price changes depending on the frame size can be seen in the product prices.


       17. What type of paper is used in the posters?

          Hahnemühle ® printing paper is used in the products.

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