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Chamber of Pharmacists and Medicinal Aromatic Plants Museum 2023, Ordu

The mass entrance is constructed by creating a volumetric space over the intersection point of the street axes. The tower rising on the stone texture emphasizes the mass and the logo of the Pharmacists' room. The warm effect of the wood and stone materials used on the entrance facade invites the building.
Sun shading elements on the façade are positioned on the south façade to provide the effect of light and shade and to increase the foyer area. The tears opened with the effect of fullness and space on the façade provide a unifying force with the sun shading elements.
The façade setup created in the exterior is also reflected in the interior. By keeping transparency in the foreground, it is ensured that each unit establishes a dynamic relationship with each other. The secretariat lobby located on the ground floor is designed to welcome the visitor and is integrated with the presidential room and the meeting room. The museum is designed on the south façade to provide an active experience with each place and welcomes visitors from outside and inside.
On the 1st floor, a multi-purpose hall and foyer area has been designed. The continuity of the gallery space in this area provides a spacious effect for the foyer area. The bar and cocktail area on the 2nd floor combines the indoor experience, the pergola semi-open space and the terrace area combine the outdoor experience.

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